WINDOWS Links & Downloads

Audio, Video & Text

Real Player 10.5

QuickTime 7.1

Adobe Reader V8.0(win)


Uninstall Flash Player

Flash Player 11.1

Adobe Reader 10.000.1


Windows Media Player 10.0
Windows Media Player Patch

Windows Media Player 11.0 

Shock Wave 11.6

Shockwave 10.2

Zamar - Free online file conversion

InterVideo WinDVD Player

Shockwave Uninstaller

Troubleshooting Applications

Microsoft Malicious  Software Tool Removal

Adaware (spyware remover)

Auslogics Disk Defrag  

WinSock Fix

McAfee 8.0

File Recovery & Repair Software

Microsoft Malware Removal Kit


Miscellaneous for Operating Systems

Drive Image XMl Instructions

EPO Removal

EPO Agent 

Revo Uninstaller -  Remove Programs

PC Wizard - displays System Info
CPU-Z download



Photo & Video Editors

Picasa2 (Photo Editor Windows)

Photo Filtre (Photo Editor Windows)

Microsoft Image Resizer

EasyFLV (video converter)





Office 2010 Resource

Power Toys for Windows XP

Microsoft Image Resizer

ABW  file conversion

Microsoft Update Catalog

Help Drivers


Smart Board & ACTIV Board

Smart Board 9.7 f

Smart Board 10.7

Smart Board Lesson Activity Toolkit

Smart Notebook Express 3.0

CTIVBoard Driver

ACTIVBoard Driver 3.0.5

Miscellaneous Links

 Bull Zip (PDF printer)

Link to Network Statistics

Intro to Network Troubleshooting

 Zamzar -
Free Online File Conversion

Windows Resources

New Window won't open in IE" Problem

Online Help Documentation

Online Stop Watch

Presentations - Prezi

Power Point Games

Online Presentations